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             (CU) CURRIE LINE (Archibald Currie & Co.)

                    In Steam,1883-1913 (acquired by British India S.N. Co.)
                    Photographs of all ships listed below in W.A. Laxon's
                    “The Currie Line of Melbourne”)

            Bucephalus – iscs 1f2bgn 1,818gt 1884                  Photo aq (Melbourne)
                Jarrow                                                                   P.20, Laxon op. cit.

            Clitus – stscs 1f 2m 2435gt 1885 Jarrow                 slv photo am
                                                                                              Image No. b41644
                                                                                            Photo uw (at Sydney)
                                                                                              P.21, Laxon op. cit.
                                                                                            Photo uw (leaving Dunedin)
                                                                                              P.22, Laxon op. cit.

            Argus – stscs 1f2bgn 2,792gt 1889 Jarrow              slv watercolour uw
                                                                                              Image No. b45740
                                                                                            Photo uw (Sydney)
                                                                                              P. 23, Laxon op. cit.
            Darius – stscs 1f2m 1f2m3,283gt 1892                   Photo aq, P. 24, Laxon
                Sunderland                                                             op.cit.
                                                                                            Photo aq (loading Sydney)
                                                                                              P. 28, Laxon op. cit.

            Euryalus – stscs  1f2bgn 3,570gt  1898                   slv photo aq
                Jarrow                                                                   (The Bushmen’s
                                                                                              contingent leaving
                                                                                              for Boer war)
                                                                                              Image No. b53411
                                                                                            Photo uw (Sydney)
                                                                                              P. 30, Laxon op. cit.

            Fortunatus – stscs 1f2bgn 3,425gt 1901                 Photo aq (at Adelaide)
                Newcastle                                                              P. 31, Laxon,op. cit.

            Gracchus – stscs 1f2m 3,760gt 1902                      slv photo uw (BI funnel)
                Jarrow                                                                   Image No. b38119
                                                                                           slv photos (WW1 camouflage
                                                                                             paint) am:
                                                                                             Image No. b37672
                                                                                             Image No. b39596
                                                                                             Image No. b38340
                                                                                             ut Image No. b39526
                                                                                           sln photos aq (BI funnel)
                                                                                             Digital Order No. a637565
                                                                                             Digital Order No. a637566
                                                                                           Photo aq (Sydney)
                                                                                             P.31, Laxon op. cit.                                                                     
– stscs 1f2m 4,606gt 1906                     sln photos (BI funnel):
                Jarrow                                                                   uw Digital Order No. a637759
                                                                                             uw Digital Order No. a637761
                                                                                             aq  Digital Order No. a637760
                                                                                           slv photo uw (BI funnel)
                                                                                             Image No. b37415
                                                                                           Photo uw (on trials)
                                                                                             P. 34, Laxon op. cit.

            Itonus– sttwscs 5,340gt 1898                                sln photo am
                Barrow-in-Furness (completed as                          (as WW1 Transport A50)
               cable steamer ‘Anglia’ acqd/ren 1907)                    Digital Order No. a637838
                                                                                            slv photo (at Melbourne)
                                                                                             Image No. b38118
                                                                                            Photo as ‘Anglia’
                                                                                             (as cable steamer at Sydney)
                                                                                             P. 36, Laxon op. cit.  

            Janus – stscs 1f2m 4,824gt 1910 Jarrow                 slv photos uw (BI funnel)
                                                                                              Image No. b38338
                                                                                              Image No. b38126
                                                                                              Image No. b38125
                                                                                            slv photos uw
                                                                                              (WW1 camouflage paint)
                                                                                              Image No. b37668
                                                                                              Image No. b37667
                                                                                              Image No. b37666
                                                                                            Photo uw (on trials 1910)
                                                                                              P. 40, Laxon op. cit.

             Ship details from Duncan Haws “Merchant Fleets 11: British India S.N. Co.”
             (TCL Publications, Hereford, Reprinted and Updated 1991) &
              W.A. Laxon’s “The Currie Line of Melbourne”
              (Nautical Association of Australia Inc 2003)