. ..
                    Arrival in Sydney, 15 May 1831, of the first steamship to come to Australia
                      - P.S. SOPHIA JANE - from a painting by Dickson Gregory
        See also Photogallery at http://www.findboatpics.com.au                 
                   for images of most of the steamships listed below

       II. STEAM: From 1850s to 1914

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                    INDEX -  ABBREVIATIONS - SOURCES (INTERNET)            

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                                    KEY TO SHIPPING LINE LISTS 


               INDEX OF SHIP NAMES

            ABC - DE&FG - H&IJ&KL&M N

               – O P&QR ST -U&VW – XY&Z




              Key to Shipping Company Lists
            AA - Anglo-Australasian Steam Navigation Co
            AR - Australian Royal Mail Steam Navigation Co.
            AU - Australind Steam Navigation Co. Ltd
- Aberdeen White Star
            BA - Blue Anchor Line Ltd.
            BF - Blue Funnel Line
            BI - British India Associated Steamers Ltd
CN - China Navigation Company
CO - James P Corry & Co.
            CU - Currie Line of Melbourne
            EA - Eastern & Australian Mail Steamship Co. Ltd
            EU - European & Australian Royal MaiI Co. Ltd.
            FE – Federal Steam Navigation Co.
            GS - General Screw Steam Shipping Co Ltd
            LA - Liverpool & Australian Navigation Co
            MM - Messsageries Maritimes
            ND - NorddeutscherLloyd  
            NZ - New Zealand Shipping Co.  
            OR - Orient Steam Navigation Co.  
            OS – Oceanic Steamship Co. (Spreckels Line)
            PO1 - Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. (1852-78)
            PO2 - Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co. (From 1879)
            RO - C T B Royden & Co.
            SL Australia-Sloman Line A.G.

 Shaw, Savill & Albion
            TY - Tyser Line
            UN - Union Steamship Co. of New Zealand
            WG - Money Wigram & Sons
– A. Watts, Milburn & Co.
            WS - White Star Line (Oceanic Steam Navigation Co.)
              Key to Other Lists
              ES - Early Steamships and their Dates of Arrival in Sydney  
- World War I: First and Second Convoys from Australia
                            and New Zealand
, and other Ships Requisitioned                             



          S.S. CHUSAN - the first P&O arrival 
(3 August 1852) in Sydney.
                         From a painting by Dickson Gregory in "Australian Steamships
                                                       Past and Present"

            Ship details for Steamships follow a similar order as with the
          Sailing vessels above.  The principal differences are in their
          mode of propulsion whether by screw or paddlewheels, and
          for steam auxiliaries, their sailing rig. Further, and to assist
          identification the number of funnels and masts. Thus ship
          details are set out as follows:

          1. Hull Construction: i - Iron, st - Steel;          

          2. Mode of Propulsion:
- paddle steamer,
-  single screw steamer,
              twscs - twin screw steamer,
              trscs - triple screw steamer
          3. Number of funnels: If, 2f, etc.
          4. Number of masts and rig: the early steamships carried yards
              and sails and their Rigs follow sailing vessel descriptions:
              s - ship (3 masts with yards for square sails);
- barque (3masts, two with yards for square sails) ;
- barquentine (3masts, only one with yards for square sails);  
              bg - brig (2 masts with yards for square sails); and  
              bgn - brigantine (2 masts, one with yards for suare sails).
              Many early steamships were ship (s) or barque (bk) rigged.  
              As the reliability of the machinery increased,
              steamships moved to reduced barquentine (bkn) and brigantine
              (bgn) rigs. Those steamships without yards have the number
              of masts recorded as 2m, 3m or more as the case may be.
          5. Tonnage: as described in SAIL.  Tonnage is a measurement of
              space with one ton equal to  one hundred cubic feet. Gross
              tonnage (gt) is used where available.  Where only tons (t) is
              given this is registered tons but can be either 'gross' or 'net' tons
              (after machinery space, crews quarters and other non-commercially
              usable space is subtracted from gross tonnage  Displacement
              Tonnage (mainly used for warships) - the weight of a vessel in
              long tons (1 long ton = 2,2401bs) is avoided wherever possible,
              as is Tons Burden or Burthen - the weight of a vessel in long
              tons when fully loaded.
          6  Year of construction. Sometimes, the year a ship was launched
              rather than the year of completion is given. For most vessels
              completion was in the same year as launch.  But this can be a
              source of ambiguity as the year of construction is as important
              for the identification of a vessel as its place of construction.


                    S..S. ORIENT - A lithograph after T.G. Duttton illustrated in
Charles F. Morris'
                                              "Origins, Orient and Oriana"


            A. THE INTERNET
                 PICTURE AUSTRALIA  - provides access to the picture collections          
                of all  national and state libraries and museums, including,            
                the Australian War Memorial and National Archives of Australia.

                anmm - Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney -

               awm - Australian War Memorial, Canberra -


                mhg - Museum fur Hamburgische Geschichte, Hamburg -


                mmm - Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool -


                naa - National Archives of Australia, Canberra -


                nla - National Library of Australia, Canberra -
                nlnz - National Library of New Zealand, Auckland -
Vol.II, 1890-1900

                nmm - National Maritime Museum, Greenwich -


                pem - Peabody Essex Museum,, Salem, Mass. -

                sln - State Library of New South Wales, Sydney -


                slq - State Library of Queensland, Brisbane -

                slsa - State Library of South Australia, Adelaide -


                slt - State Library of Tasmania, Hobart -


                slv - State Library of Victoria, Melbourne -



                 Australian National Maritime Museum Library's ShipsPicture Index
                     (of pictures in books) - http:// www.anmm.gov.au/LIB/keybks.htm

                Messageries Maritimes Fleet 1871- 1918 :
               Shaw Savill Fleet

                The Ships List                


            (a)  Illustrated Newspaper PeriodicalsVol. III, 1900-1914

Illustrated London News (1842 -1891
            Illustrated Sydney News (1853-1889)
            Australian Sketcher (1873-1889)

            Vaughan Evans compiled indices of illustrations(including ships)
             of Australian and New Zealand interest in each of these publications.
             His indices includes  close to one hundred illustrations of steamships
             starting with the launch of the 'Great Britain' in 1843 to the P&O's
             "Australia" (II) in 1892.  These indices are also available on the
             Australian National Maritime Museum website at: Vol.II, 1890-1900
             http://www.anmm.gov.au//LIB/ ilnidx.htm

            II. Books:
             A. General

             Captain H. Parker and Frank C. Bowen's
              "Mail and Passenger Ships of the Nineteenth
              Century - The Macpherson Collection with
              Iconographical  and Historical Notes" 
              (J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia 1928)

             Dickson Gregory's "Australian Steamships Past
              and Present" (The Richards Press Ltd., London 1928)
             Clas Broder Hansen's "Passenger Liners from
              Germany 1816-1990" (Schiffer Publishing Ltd.,
              Pennsylvania 1991)
              Arnold Kludas' "Die Geschichte Der Deutsche
               Passagier-Schiffahrt" (Weltbild Verlag,Augsburg 1994):
                Vol. I, 1850-1890
                Vol.II, 1890-1900
                Vol. III, 1900-1914  

               John M. Maber's "North Star to Southern Cross"
                (T.Stephenson & Sons, Prescot, Lancs 1967)
               Peter Plowman's "Passenger Ships of Australia
                & New Zealand", Vol. 1 1876-1912,  and Vol. 2
                1913-1980 (Doublday, Sydney1981)
              Peter Plowman's "Across the Sea to War
                - Australian and New Zealand
                Troop Convoys from 1865 through two World
                Wars to Korea and Vietnam"  (Rosenberg
                 Publishing Pty Ltd., Dural, N.S.W. 2003)

            B. Fleet Volumes
            Edwin Drechsel's "Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen:
              1857 - 1970", Vol One (Cordillera Publishing
              Company, Vancouver 1994)

            Ian Farquhar's "Union Fleet" (World Ship & Marine ..
               Society (Inc.) Wellington 2001 edition)

            Ian Farquhar's "The Tyser Legacy: A History of the
              Port Line and its associated companies" (New
               Zealand Ship & Marine Society, Wellington 2006)

            Commandant Lanfant's "Historique de La Flotte
              Des Messageries Maritimes 1851-1975"
              (Edition GRAFIC PHOTO Dunkerque 1979)           

            W.A. Laxon with I.J. Farquhar and N.J. Kirby based on
              the draft by the late F.W. Perry "Crossed Flags: The
              Histories of the New Zealand Shipping Company
              Limited and the Federal Steam Navigation Company
              Limited and their subsidiaries" (World Ship Society,

            W.A. Laxon & F.W. Perry's "B.I.: The British India
               Steam Navigation Company Limited" (World Ship
               Society, Kendal, England 1994)

            Nigel McCart's "Passenger Ships of the Orient Line"
               (Patrick Stephens Ltd., Wellingborough,
                Northamptonshire 1987)

            Charles F. Morris' "Origins, Orient and Oriana"
               (Toredo Books Ltd.,  Brighton, Sussex 1980)                    

            Peter Newall's "Orient Line : AFleet History"
               (Ships in Focus Pulications, U.K., 2004)
            William Olson's "Lion of the China Seas"
               (P & O Australia Ltd., Sydney 1976)           

            Steven Rabson & Kevin O'Donoghue's "P&O
               - A Fleet History" (World Ship Society,
               Kendal 1988)
            C. Others

             Ernst Hieke's "Rob. M. Sloman Jr".
               (Verlag Hanseatischer Merkur, Hamburg 1968)

            Will Lawson's "Pacific Steamers"
               (Brown, Son & Ferguson Ltd, Glasgow 1937)

             E. Mowbray Tate's "Transpacific Steam'
               (Cornwall Books, Cranbury, New Jersey 1986)

             R.A. Fletcher's "Steam Ships And Their Story"
               (Sidgwick & Jackson, Ltd., London 1910

            D. House Flags                         
James Griffin's "Flags National and Mercantile", 2nd edition, 
              (Griffin & Co., Portsmouth 1891)

             Basil Lubbock's "Colonial Clippers"
               (Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd., Glasgow 1924)

             Captain  F.J.N."Wedge's "Brown's Flags and Funnels of
              British and Foreign Steamship Companies", 4th edition
              (Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd., Glasgow 1940)

             Internet : http://flagspot.net/flags/


.                            HAIL AND FAREWELL -
Painting by J. Spurling illustrated in L. Cope Cornford's
                              "A Century of Sea Trading 1824-1924: The General Steam Navigation Co. Ltd."
                              (A.C. Black Ltd., London 1924)

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